Audition Choir Levels
Training Choir

Boys age 7-9 with little or no previous experience and musical training. Curriculum focuses on basic skills including: correct vocal production through good posture and healthy breathing techniques, unison and two-part singing, sight-singing, performance poise, and etiquette. Training Choirs typically rehearse twice a week for one hour.

Cadet Choir

Boys ages 9-11, boys promoted from Training Choir or who possess some singing experience. Goals for the Cadet choir include those of the Training Choir plus: advanced part-singing, choreography, increased performance participation, foreign language texts, and participation in selected performances. Cadet Choir typically rehearses twice a week for 60 - 90 minutes.

Town Choir

Boys ages 10-13 and have either been promoted from the Cadet Choir or received advanced musical training. This group requires more advanced music reading skills, polished stage presence, three and four-part singing, additional foreign language texts, music of greater complexity, extended attention span in rehearsal and performance, increased performance opportunities, touring ability, including self-management, neatness, care of belongings, and stamina, preparation for the high demands of the Tour Choir. All Town Choir members are required to participate in a 5-day tour to a neighboring state. Town Choir typically rehearses two or three times per week for two hours.

Tour Choir

Ages 10-14, these boys must have performed at least one season with the Town Choir and exhibit the following skills: Fluent sight-singing and independent part-singing, a resonant and flexible tone, additional part singing in small ensembles, solos, perform with a full orchestra, professional stage presence, readiness for a demanding rehearsal and performance schedule, exemplary conduct at all times, and participate in an international or domestic summer tour of 2-3 weeks. Tour Choir typically rehearses two or three times per week for 2-3 hours.