Make new friends, join a musical team!

Boys aged 7 - 14 are invited to try-out for the award-winning Phoenix Boys Choir.

Members develop astounding musical and vocal techniques, create long-lasting friendships as well gain self-confidence, leadership and responsibility.

Members attend weekly rehearsal on our main campus, with younger choirs rehearsing in their neighborhoods (Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale and the Balsz Elementary School in Phoenix).

The Phoenix Boys Choir offers four levels of choirs based on age and musical ability and perform in concerts throughout the season at major venues in Arizona. The Choir also travels on national and international tours each year, with members of the choir serving as ambassadors for Phoenix.

Boys are invited to a free try-out held throughout the year by appointment. No prior musical experience is required.

To try-out for the Phoenix Boys Choir, please fill out the online form,
or print out this form and bring it with you.

Try-Out process

Interested parents should call (602) 264-5328, extension 21 to schedule a time on their desired date. During the session, parents and potential members will have the opportunity to observe a typical rehearsal, talk with current parents and choir alumni. There will also be time to go over our program and answer any questions.

Try-outs will be held at the Phoenix Boys Choir building at 1131 E. Missouri Ave., Phoenix.

To try-out for the Choir, boys must turn seven years old by September 15. Eligible boys should possess an unchanged, clear and pleasant singing voice and a good "ear" for music. Previous choir experience is not required and there is no need to prepare audition material. There is no cost to audition.

Families will be informed immediately after the try-out session if the boy is accepted and at which choir level he will begin.

Most boys begin in the Training Choir and move up to Cadet Choir and Town Choir before becoming part of the elite Tour Choir. Boys selected to join the choirs will be invited to become active members of the choir directly following their acceptance. Scholarships and financial aid for tuition and other costs are available.

Why Choose the Phoenix Boys Choir?

World Geography, Cultural Education, History and Language
Graduates will have learned to read music and sing in many foreign languages, including Latin, Hebrew, Russian, Chinese, German, to name a few. While learning these different languages, boys are also taught the customs and history of the regions and history of the composition. This education is further enhanced by the immersion into the culture while on tour to various regions of the world each year. The Tour Choir has toured throughout Europe, Canada, Japan and across the United States, visiting the White House and performing at Carnegie Hall.

"The demands placed on me (singing in five centuries of music in nine languages from
memory with strict deadlines) gave me a unique perspective on relying on myself and
those around me."
- Sterling Beeaff
1970 Graduate
Music Director for KBAQ-FM (89.5)

PBC Artistic Staff Brings In-Depth Musical Education Experience
Our Artistic Staff together boasts more than 150 years of music education
experience that is applied to teach our boys. Each member of our Artistic Staff
has the education and experience to give each boy a top-notch musical education
and all the skills necessary to be a professional performer on the stage and in life.

"I am currently a flute performance major at ASU. The director of the Phoenix Boys Choir, Georg Stangelberger, had a lot to do with my decision to pursue music in college. He gave me such an appreciation of music in general, not just for singing. He also taught me that natural talent is only a small part of a good musician, it is the hard work and practice that is most important."
- Kevin, participated in the Phoenix Boys Choir from 2000 to 2002.

Alumni Go On To Do Great Things
The Alumni of the Phoenix Boys Choir go on to do great things in life. Many of our
graduates continue in the field of music, performing arts and musical education. Several have attended Ivy League schools. Many of our Alumni have returned as members of our Artistic Staff, volunteers and chaperones.

"... The Phoenix Boys Choir has helped mold me musically into who I am today, someone who appreciates all music and song, also different cultures and what they add to music, and someone who appreciates and enjoys the arts- plays, musicals, art, orchestras, concerts, etc. The choir has taught me how to be responsible, disciplined with my time, and has helped me grow socially too. I have had to sacrifice other things, at times, for the choir, but through doing so I have accomplished personal goals that I have set. I am truly thankful for the wonderful opportunity I have to be a part of such an organization."
- David, participated in the choir 1997 to 1999.

Life Skills Taught Through the Vehicle of Choir
Our program not only teaches reading music and sight-singing but we also teach
foreign language texts and part-singing. These skills teach:
- Teamwork
- Self-management
- Professional stage presence
- Social etiquette
These skills are essential to leaders and successful individuals for life.

"I can take everything I learned from the choir and use it for the rest of my life. It's not just a one-time activity. It's there to stay."
- Chris, performed with the choir between 2001 and 2009.

It's Fun
Our curriculum makes the process of learning music fun. Boys come to rehearsal
excited! Parents are included as well. There is a large sense of community among the
families, with picnics and pot lucks, the whole family will enjoy their time with us.

"The demands placed on me (singing in five centuries of music in nine languages from memory with strict deadlines) gave me a unique perspective on relying on myself and those around me."
- Sterling Beeaff, 54, performed with the Phoenix Boys Choir from 1962 to 1970. On the air in Phoenix since 1985, Beeaff is music director for KBAQ-FM (89.5).

Building Self-Confidence
Our curriculum focuses on the basic skills needed to create strong, confident young
men. When a boy begins the program in the Training Choir, they learn good posture,
performance poise and etiquette. As they progress to the Cadet Choir, Town Choir and they develop a more polished stage presence and professional performance

"[After being in the choir] I feel more confident now, and consider myself more outgoing. It has enabled me to join clubs, and not be afraid to take on leadership roles. For me, this has been an experience of a lifetime. It has been worth every second of all the hard work that I've put into it, even if I didn't recognize it at the time. I will always feel blessed and grateful that I had the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful choir."
-Brett, performed with the boys choir 2001 to 2006

Lifetime Experiences and Friendships
During the time a boy spends in the Phoenix Boys Choir they form strong friendships with the other boys in the program. Those friendships last a lifetime. These friendships grow during rehearsal, performances and while on tour.

"I have made many friends and am part of a fraternity of brothers, 40 strong. We will always be there for each other. We have traveled, performed and laughed our way across Europe. We have celebrated victories and cried as we sang at the funeral of a choir mate's grandfather. We have grown up together, learning to blend our voices into the most beautiful music. We have shared a lifetime of memories. What more could an only child ask for?"
- Dakota, joined the choir in 2001 and graduated in 2009.