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Delivering FREE music education resources to public, private, and charter schools in Maricopa County. 

Sponsored by the Halle Foundation

The Phoenix Boys Choir offers a diverse range of music education workshops that are presented at the Elementary and Middle School Levels at no cost to the school.

We also offer Clinics for Choirs of all Levels; Elementary, Middle, and High Schools.

Since 2016 we have served over 1000 educators and 5000 students in over 200 schools!

Call (602) 264-5328 email: or fill out the form below to schedule!

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Our Workshops Help Meet AZ Music Standards!

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FREE Classroom Workshops!
Choir Clinics!
Need new warmups?
A vocal technique refresher for your choir?
A masterclass in voice change for your male singers?

Are you preparing for a performance and want some feedback and coaching?
Work with Topher Keene to customize a clinic for your choir that will leave your singers feeling more confident in their technical and expressive skills and give you new tools and ideas to use in your classroom!
Singing Success
Help your students develop skills in breath support, healthy vocal tone, and expressive singing with the Singing Success Workshop!
Students will work with an experienced professional singer and vocal coach to build their singing voices, reinforcing classroom instruction and applying skills to their classroom repertoire and new songs they’ll love!

Eyes and Ears: Decoding Music
Build aural and visual music literacy skills in your students with the Ears and Eyes: Decoding Music Workshop!
PBC’s Associate Artistic Director will use Kodály-inspired activities to help your students bridge the gap between seeing the notes, hearing music in their heads, and performing accurately. Using numbers or solfège your students will finish the workshop able to sight-sing simple melodies like “Mary Had a Little Lamb”
Mini-Musical Workshop Series
Bring the power of self-expression and Musical Theatre alive with the
Mini-Musical Workshop Series!
This 3-Workshop sequence (Premise, Rehearsal, & Performance) exposes your students to the process of putting on a short musical from start to finish.
  1. The Premise sets the stage for our adventure: meeting characters, introducing songs, & learning why we perform.
  2. The Rehearsal builds our acting, vocal, and performance skills and reinforces proper rehearsal etiquette.
  3. The Performance puts the finishing touches on our work and culminates with a full performance!
The final presentation can be a personal experience for the class, or open to peers, faculty, and even parents!
Potential Themes:
Disney Favorites
Patriotic Songs
Folksong Fun
Or customize the perfect show for your students!
Custom Workshops!
Work with PBC’s Associate Artistic Director to design a workshop aligned with your curriculum and perfectly suited to your students.

Call (602) 264-5328 email: or fill out the form below to schedule!

Classroom Workshop Registration Form

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