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Developing Musicians - and Leaders! 

At the Phoenix Boys Choir, all choristers receive a well rounded education focused on developing the musicianship, character, service and leadership of each singer. Through our comprehensive program of in-person and online instruction, our young men learn critical musicianship and performance skills as well as viable social-emotional skills that will prepare them for life! We invite our students, parents, teachers and the community to explore our brand new Education site to learn about the rich educational opportunities that await the singers of the Phoenix Boys Choir!
What Will My Student Learn in the Phoenix Boys Choir?
                Specifically tied to National and Arizona State Music Standards, our choirs' curriculum is rooted in Kodaly fundamental singing technique, music literacy and character traits that build leadership and service for self, choir and community to those of all ages and skill levels! Click here to find out more!   
           What Online Resources Does the Phoenix Boys Choir Have?
                  Our choristers use a variety of online applications and services to learn their music, grow in their musicianship and track their progress. Click here to learn more about how the Phoenix Boys Choir uses technology to develop outstanding singers and leaders! 
       What Learning Resources Does the PBC Have for Teachers?
The Phoenix Boys Choir provides a variety of online learning units for students to learn online! These lessons can be used by teachers both in the classroom and at home! 


I am a member of the Phoenix Boys Choir. I am responsible, professional and a friend to all. I strive to be the best that I can be. Through my choir, I use my voice to change the world.                    
Who are we? PBC! 

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