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The Phoenix Boys Choir Online Lesson Library

Welcome to the Phoenix Boys Choir Online Lesson Library  -  a FREE and growing online resource for online general music units that can be delivered to students synchronously and asynchronously! These lessons focus on composition, music history, social emotional learning and more! The Phoenix Boys Choir is proud to bring music and choral educators alike this resource for engaging young artists! Be sure to check back monthly for new additions to this online learning library! 

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Drawing What I Feel! 

In this lesson, K-2 grade students will learn the value of expressing their emotions in healthy ways! Young artists will read, listen and draw their moods thanks to great stories and music! 

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ARRIVING MARCH, 2022!  No Wrong Notes! - A Lesson on Thelonious Monk, his music and Composition! 

In this lesson, 3rd-5th grade students will learn about jazz composer and performer, Thelonious Monk. Through the use of colors, young composers will learn about the compositional techniques and philosophies of the iconic jazz musician and will get to create their own unique music where there is no such thing as a wrong note! 

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Your Name is a Song

In this lesson, 3rd-5th grade students will learn the power of names! This lesson incorporates wonderful compositional activities that will have musicians in the making create music based on their unique names - and teach tollerance, acceptance and appreciation for names from all over the world! 

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Wavin' Flag - A Unit on Anthems!

In this lesson, 5th-8th grade students will learn about the purpose, significance and impact of national anthems from countries around the globe! 

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