Sing Phoenix Rules:

Basic Details

  • Only school choirs are qualified to enter.  No community or private choir are permitted.

  • Competition will consist of 3 divisions:  Elementary School Choir,   Jr. High Concert Choir, Jr. High Show Choir

  • 3 Rounds total for each division.

  • PBC reserves the right to shrink to 2 rounds depending on how many school choir’s enter the competition.

  • 3 judges will consist of:  Georg Stangelberger, Craig Westerndorf, Fernando Malvar-Ruiz

    • Hodgie Jo will act as a fourth judge only for Show Choir Division

    • Fernando Malvar-Ruiz is the LA Children’s Choir Director

  • Judges will score choirs under the following 5 categories:   Tone, Intonation, Diction, Presentation, Musicality

  • Show Choir Division will have an additional category of “Movements”
  • Each category will have a score of 5 points each.  Meaning the highest scored choir from 1 judge is 25 points (30 for Show Choirs).  The highest possible score a choir could earn is 75 points.  For Show Choir, this would be 120 points as Hodgie would act as an additional judge.

  • The highest scored choirs will be placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

    • 4th place is added for Elementary School.

  • Each participating choir is to pay $50.00 as a Participation Fee.

  • Repertoire from participating elementary and concert choir will consist of choral standards, traditional, or folk songs.

  • Repertoire from participating show choirs will mainly consist of pop, jazz, or show tunes.


Round 1

  • Each Choir is to send a Taped Recordings (Youtube Videos) for the judges to grade.

  • January 8th is the submission date

  • January 15th is the announcement for Round 2 Winners

  • In preparation for the video, each choir should:

    • Perform 2 Songs at their full length

      • 2 Songs may consist of any genre for Elementary and Concert Choirs
      • Have Students be in their “Dress Code” for performance


Round 2, (Semi Finals)

  • Date is February 3rd

  • Takes place at the Boys Choir Building

  • Prepare 4 copies of each song for each judge

  • Written feedback will not be provided

  • Vocal feedback is a possibility to look into if we can provide recording devices for each judge

  • 10 Minutes to Warm-Up will be provided in either Training Choir or Town Choir Room

  • 15 Minutes of Performance consisting of 3 songs in the Great Hall.

  • Show Choir repertoire may consist of 2 “Show” songs and a choral standard 


  • consist of 3 “Show” songs.

Round 3 Finals-Ticketed Concert

  • Date TBD

  • Location is at a High School Auditorium Venue

  • Each Ensemble participating as a finalist must sell 20 tickets to the Final Concert

  • Each Ensemble is required to a Compulsory Song along with 2 selections which may consist of music from the previous rounds.

  • Elementary Compulsory Piece-Dona Nobis (2-3pt Canon)
  • Concert Choir Compulsory Piece-Shine on Me (Rollo Dilworth SAB/SSA)

  • Show Choir Compulsory Piece-TBD (Craig to contact Horizon Show Choir for suggestion)

Each Choir Participating agrees to allow the Phoenix Boys Choir to use images from the Final Concert for publicity purposes