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As a 501c3 non-profit with almost 70 years longevity in the Valley, the Phoenix Boys Choir relies solely on the support of our patrons, donors and sponsors. There are many ways you can help support the Phoenix Boys Choir. Below are just a few. Be sure to contact us for more opportunities!


All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Raising Voices, Changing Lives Campaign

The Phoenix Boys Choir is more than a choir, it’s a group of music-loving friends and family. Offering four levels of choirs for boys with unchanged voices, the Phoenix Boys Choir program provides incremental, age-appropriate instruction that begins with basic music notation, posture, vocal technique, and performance poise. As boys progress in the choir, they learn to sing in foreign languages, incorporate choreography into their performances, sing music of greater complexity, and have the opportunity to travel on summer tours both nationally and internationally.

Dr. Harvey K Smith Legacy Fund

Dr. Harvey K. Smith played a vital role in creating and shaping the Phoenix Boys Choir which has helped thousands of boys grow into the confident young men they are today through education in the art of singing, developing character, leadership, discipline, global awareness and joy of making music.To honor, preserve and extend the Dr. Harvey K. Smith Legacy into the future, the Phoenix Boys Choir has created a special legacy fund. This special fund will support the Dr. Harvey K. Smith Artistic Directorship in perpetuity. The Phoenix Boys Choir invites you to participate. 

From all of us at the Phoenix Boys Choir, thank you for your support!

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