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What Will My Student Learn in the Phoenix Boys Choir?

Through rehearsal, performance and community service, our choristers learn valuable skills that make them stronger musicians, scholars and members of the community! As they sing in our choirs, each boy will work towards mastery of goals carefully designed to improve their singing, knowledge of music literacy (the math of music!) and character development as they work to improve themselves, their choir, the community and eventually... the world! Check out a summary of what your chorister will accomplish here! Ready to see all of what they'll learn broken down by choir, click here! 

All of our learning goals align with National and Arizona State Music and Art Standards! 


What Our Choristers Say About Their Learning Experience With the Phoenix Boys Choir! 



Singers in the Phoenix Boys Choir will learn to: 

1.) Sing using a pure, clear head voice in unison and by part with others. 

2.) Learn, practice and master critical foundations for becoming a better singer such as posture, breathing, diction and blending. 

3.) Sing expressively by using vocal dynamics, phrasing and articulation. 


4.) Sing music from diverse backgrounds and cultures, including music that contains foreign-language texts. 


5.)  Learn, practice and apply musical scales stepwise and skipwise to become better music listeners and music sight-singers. 

Music Literacy


Scholars in the Phoenix Boys Choir will learn: 

1.) Identify, understand and navigate foundational and advanced symbols and terms of a music score. 

2.) Aurally listen for intervals, keys and rhythms in a music score. 

3.) Read and write music. 



Singers in the Phoenix Boys Choir will serve: 

1.) Themselves by learning to become independent musicians responsible for their own learning, musicianship and performance. 

2.) Their choir by learning to become responsible for the progress and success of their ensemble by communicating, collaborating and performing with their peers. 

3.) Their community by modeling a positive social example through excellence in performance, volunteering and mentorship. 

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