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Volunteer With Us!

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We welcome all volunteers from our community!  You do not need to be a choir family to volunteer!

Below are a number of opportunities to volunteer with the Phoenix Boys Choir. Details of each specific opportunity are available at the links below. Please click on one or more of the buttons below to sign up. 

Uniforms (2-3 volunteers)

Help coordinate on-site uniform fittings and inspections two times a year, at the beginning of the Season and before Summer Tours. Organize donated uniform pieces in upstairs cabinets. Help outfit new choristers with PBC supplied items, including blazer and tie. Support luggage inspection prior to tour departures.

Sing for Brotherhood (4-6 volunteers)

Assists with planning decorations and food for monthly event designed to strengthen our PBC community, celebrate our accomplishments, break bread and even practice table manners. Each month has a different theme and families are asked to bring a dish/item to share that fits the theme.

Thank you for all you do!!

If you want to volunteer in a different capacity than above, please email Allison Brown at

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